Martial Art



Defence Systems


There is a lot of Martial Art that have focus on selfdefence systems. But the main idea is to handle situations that is out of controll. They have different focus on what they are using, and nothing is wrong. You are basically learn ways to handle the situations, and to get out of them.

Every situation that is out of controll is dangerous, and the best thing is to run if it's possible. If it's not possible then you have to start using what you have learned. Find the first one, and find a way to put him out of the game. Depending of you have trained on.

Many people feel that they can't remember anything, but it's there.You just need to let your body and mind take over. This is the reason for that you need to train more than one 10 hours course.

You also need to find out how far you need to go, and stop in time. Sounds strange but still it's tha right way to go.

You can't think like he started it i'll finish it and he deserved it. But it's several grades on it and and evry situation have there own solution.







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