Martial Art




There is a lot of really good instuctors all over the world, and I have just trained or met a few of them. There is no way that we can be able to meet them all. Here is some of the instructors I have met in my life:

Morten Saksvik:

Higly skilled kickboxer and Coach.His Insight knowlegde of Kickboxing is really high.Main Coach in Fana Kickboxing Club.

Bård Trones:

Higly skilled kickboxer and Coach. First World Champ in Kickboxing from Norway. Main Coach of Bergen Kickboxing Club. Former National team coach

Erling Havnå:

Higly skilled kickboxer and Coach. Remember him as my grading jugde. Big like a mountain, and really scary.

But still we learned a lot from him:)

Armando Silva:Selfdefence skills is very good. Main instructor of Førde Kalisikaran Club. He is also higly skilled in Whing Chun.

Wolfgang Wedde:

Higly skilled Coach not only in kickboxing also in Karate and Ju Jutsu. The way that he is thinking about body, health combined with Martial Art is special. As long as you can explain what you are doing and why, then he will approve it. I will never forget the years I was training at his place.

Leif Røbekk:

Highly skilled instructor in Jeet kune Do and KaliSikaran. He drag me into a world of arts that I really didn't know much about. He have always been there for me, either on phone, seminars,training and documentation. I have been able to train with people like Larry Hartsell trough Leif. The time when I tranied with Leif and Wolfgang was a big learning time.

Dami Akin:

Higly skilled kickboxer and Coach. He is also the National Team Coach and have been for several years.

He is the main coach in Fighter Kickboxing Club, and he is always there for you. I am very Lucky to have the opertunity to teach in Fighter Kickboxing Club under Daimi:)

Sigbjørn Strømmen:

Higly skilled coach in Kalisikaran and much much more. One of my newest instructors with the people I gone metion below. Kalisikaran is a new art for me, and I am looking forward to learn more from him.

Ronni Vangen:

Higly skilled coach in Kalisikaran and much much more. As Sigbjørn one of my newest instructors, and I am Learning every second on training.

Lars Gidskehaug:

Higly skilled coach in Kalisikaran and much much more.As Sigbjørn and Ronny again:)

Per Sutter:

Higly skilled coach in Kalisikaran and much much more. He have been in the KaliSikaran system since it started.


More to come, this is just a beginning:)






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